Custom DJ mixes

A Personalized DJ Service

Customized DJ mixes can be used for all kind of events. Whether you own a restaurant, bar, cafe, hotel or shop and you need custom DJ mixes for the right ambiance that fits your business experience. Or when you are in need for a customized and personalized DJ mix for a wedding, birthday, corporate event or any other kind of event custom DJ mixes can give you that extra uniqueness and exclusivity. 

What is a custom DJ mix?

A custom DJ mix can be a DJ live set or a pre-sequenced well laid out mix with perfect and seamless transitions. Based on the needs and wishes of my clients i can deliver perfect customized mixes in high quality audio format for every need. This can be done in consultation about which tracks or genres are being used but this can also be based up on business concepts, ambiances and or a specific audiences.

Depending on what kind of tailored DJ mix you want you can deliver your own music selection in a list or let me do the sound ambiance and mood designing, the music curating as well as mixing everything together into one well balanced with perfect transitions customized DJ mix. 

What kind of businesses & events use customized mixes?

  • Restaurants, Bars, Café’s, Hotels & Clubs, Gym’s & Sportclubs.
  • Shops in all branches, beauty shops, barbershops & hairdressers.
  • Corporate Events, summits, networking events, festivals.
  • Personal events such as weddings, birthday parties & other exclusive events.
  • Record labels, DJ’s & Radio stations.

25 years of experience

With my over 25 years of experience as a DJ in the music industry i can create professional customized & tailored DJ music for your business.

All genres

Through the years my music library and experience has grown and crossed many genres and subgenres. All styles in music are within my reach.

High quality audio

I do not only deliver professional custom DJ mixes that satisfy your needs. I also deliver my mixes in the best audio quality possible. Expect 320 Kbps MP3 or higher in audio quality.

Custom DJ mix packages.

Below i listed example packages of how the pricing of a custom DJ mix could like like. Not one mix is the same and all mixes are tailored according the customers needs. Pricing depends on various factors such as the amount of tracks used. The length of the total mix. The expected delivery time, and or the total amount of mixes when ordered in bulk we can agree up on a better price. All mixes come with a free consultation to decide our direction and to discuss your wishes.


The standard custom DJ mix is 1 hour long and contains between 10 and 15 tracks depending on the mixing style and genres. You deliver me a list with your preferred music tracks and i will do the mixing. Delivered in high quality audio.

FREE Consultation


Delivery time 1 week


A customized 1,5 hours DJ mix with between 15 and 20 tracks delivered on a list by you. I will do the mixing and create a DJ mix with seamless transitions. All genres and mixing styles are included

FREE Consultation


Delivery time 1 week


This best sold custom DJ mixes package starts with a free consult where we discuss your wishes. Multiple mixes, all genres included. Unlimited mix length and tracks. Curated by me or in consultation with you to match your needs.

FREE Consultation

Delivery time in consultation

How do i create a custom mix?

Depending on which custom mix package you choose i start with a business analysis to determine what the target audience is, the business concept, which products and services are involved, the ambiance to investigate which music goes well with it and which moods and energy levels should be created. 

With this information i start curating music, genres & sub genres that play along well with your business concept. After curating the music and collecting all needed files the ‘mixing process’ of the custom DJ mix start. First i’ll make a global layout based up on my music experience of what works well together. Keeping in mind the ambiance of your business, the harmonies, energy levels and tempo of the different tracks. 

When everything is laid out and fits well together the mixing starts to create a customized tailored DJ mix. Once the mix is ready and recorded in a high quality audio file it can be delivered in MP3 or WAV.


Use cases for curated & customized mixes.

Here below are a few of the most common use cases for custom DJ mixes. A note to these use cases is that as an extra a playlist or customized DJ mix can also be branded in exclusivity and incorporate jingles with messages for your customers. 

Personal use | Your favorite tracks mixed.

If you would love to have your favorite tracks mixed together for any reason. This can be a custom DJ mix for listening while sporting, your listening pleasure or for a planned party. 

Mixed album compilation.

For record labels and companies that want to included a DJ mix on their album compilation mixed by an experienced DJ as an extra for their fans.

Promotional mixes.

DJ’s, producers, record labels and or all kind of other businesses that want to have a promotional mix to feature their music. This is perfect to hand out as a free mix for loyal listeners, or for radio airtime.

Weddings & related celebrations.

You can have a custom mix played as background music when the band or an artist is not playing. Or simply as the music when using multiple rooms on your event. But also as the music for a presentation while sharing moments with friends & family.

Music in your restaurant or café.

Hospitality is about experiences, tailored DJ mixes can give your visitors that extra experience when having dinner and drinks. Especially when the music fits the business concept and integrates to become one. 

Clubs & Festivals.

Sometimes on certain places a live DJ is just a bit to much. To retain that same level of music experience a custom mix can do the trick. Think of music for waiting lines, at the cash desk, VIP lounges and music for backstage purposes.

Ghost DJ Mixes.

Just like many famous and international DJ’s use ghost producers to producer their music the same goes for live performing. With hundreds of high peak performances a year it can be a challenge to always do this live and in sync with the lights, effects etc. For this a pre-recorded DJ mix is a perfect solution

Hairdressers, Barbershops & Beauticians.

Hairdressers and beauticians often are also an experience next to being practical en good for your health and care. Custom branded music can add an extra layer to that experience and create a perfect ambiance in your business. Whether this is a curated playlist or customized DJ mixes.

Retail shops.

Many retail shops like fashion stores play music in the background for that extra shopping experience. Mostly the music is chosen and played by the staff and does not represents the brand very well. With my custom DJ mixes we look much deeper into your business to provide a branded DJ mix that fits the ambiance and your target audience.

Networking events, summits & congresses.

For big events often artists, band and DJ’s are being booked. Perfectly in place, but therefore certain areas lack in music and are not fully dressed and decorated. A custom curated playlist or mix can do the trick to dress a hall or room to it’s expectations and create just that extra ambiance it needed for a better customer experience and journey. 

DJ mix examples.

Check out a few of the mix examples here below. These are just small snippets (audio fragments) where you can hear seamless & perfect transitions between 2 tracks. These fragments do not represent a full DJ mix as these can include as many or less genres as you please. DJ mixes can represent a huge variety in styles, genres and how music is combined together for different purposes. These snippets are just a small selection of what is possible, all music genres can be made possible without limitations.

Dream pop & soul

met Kono Vidovic | Mix examples

Soul mix example

met Kono Vidovic | Mix examples

World Rhythm & Jazz

met Kono Vidovic | Mix examples

Jazz & 90's Disco

met Kono Vidovic | Mix examples

Broken & Deep House

met Kono Vidovic | Mix examples

House & 90's Disco

met Kono Vidovic | Mix examples

Extra options & full feature list.

Every business is different and needs another approach. Listed below are extra options that can be applied to my custom DJ mix service. Next to that you will find a full feature list to highlight all the advantages of music for businesses once more.


Branded Music Mixes.

Perfect for building your brand and for promotion and or awareness creation. Include your brand on and in the mix with your own visual & audio branding.


Jingles & Voice-overs.

Announcements, commercials, advertising or other messages can be incorporated in a custom curated playlist or mix.


Custom Music Subscriptions.

Always in need for the latest music or weekly / monthly updated mixes for your business? With a music subscription i can deliver you my custom DJ mix services on a fixed date in fixed quantities.


Live DJ'ing on your event or business.

Next to hire me for creating tailored DJ mixes. You can also book me as a live DJ for your event or business. With the same mindset and business growth targets we can also add live DJ sets to the plan. 


Playlists only (non mixed).

Mixed playlists are good but not necessary. It’s your choice if you want mixed playlists or not. Curation is the key and in some cases non mixed playlists just fit better.


Customized & personalized DJ Mixes & playlists


For all kinds of businesses & purposes


High quality audio files in MP3 & WAV


Branded music with visual & audio branding


All music genres, subgenres & styles


With over 25 years experience


Music for marketing & marketing for music


Ghosts DJ Mixes for events & radio


Reach your target audience with music


Branded playlists in Spotify & other services


DJ Bookings For Live DJ'ing

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What kind of music genres do you mix?

I can curate & mix music from all genres and subgenres from all times. Music is big and through the years many tracks, genres, subgenres, styles and music cultures have been created. Combining the right elements together can create all kind of mixes for various purposes.

What is the delivery time for a custom DJ Mix?

The maximum delivery time is 7 day’s but this depends on how busy it is at that moment. It can be delivered as soon as the order is ready, but you can also choose to have it delivered extra fast depending on the order size.

What is the quality of the music files you use?

I always use music files that are a minimum of 320 Kbps MP3 or higher. The custom mixes are provided in the same quality and can be delivered in both MP3 or wav files.

Can i book you as a DJ for my event?

Yes, i have been DJ’ing for over 25 years on various events & locations worldwide. Live DJ’ing on your event is just one of my services i can offer. Playing live in front of an audience requires another approach and skillset than creating custom mixes.

What kind of DJ are you?

Within the DJ scene there are many kind of DJ’s all with their own skills. There are:

  • Drive in DJ’s, turntableists (scratch DJ’s)
  • Club & Festival DJ’s
  • Wedding DJ’s.
  • Radio DJ’s.
  • Party DJ’s that like to grab the mic and address the
  • audience and the list continues.

I see myself as a curator of music. A club, festival DJ, Event DJ and radio DJ. I’m not a mic DJ or a turntableist. I like to focus on the music and the people, to create perfect energy levels on the dance floor and a pleasant listening pleasure at the same time.  

How about the copyrights on music?

How copyrights are arranged and managed is different in every country. Most common is that licenses to play music is arranged at business level following the country’s music and copyrights law. To be absolutely 100% sure about this i advice you to check this in your law or contact me so we can figure this out together and contact the needed institutions about licenses.