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Want to know more about branded music, podcasting, custom playlists & DJ mixes? Want to learn how music can help your business do better? Get in touch!


Music Consultancy

From consultancy to setting up a complete (music) marketing strategy. I can help you with all your business needs.


Custom & Mixed Playlists

Are you looking for customized DJ mixes and or custom curated playlists for your business? 


Being a DJ is a profession and needs to be taken seriously. A good DJ not only knows his music, but also understands the job.

What can I do for you?

Since music and online marketing are a big passion of me. I decided to combine the best of both to create a service that is so far unknown of. Wether you are an artist, publisher or record company that needs advice on online marketing. Or that you are a business that wants to know how you can use music for branding and reach your target audience with music. Here you can see all the services that I offer.

Music curator | Consultant & Disc Jockey

See me as your coach with a broad knowledge of music and network, the industry and anything that is involved when it comes to music and business. Years of experience in different fields within the music industry come together on this website where they are processed in to nowadays music services for businesses. Wether you are in search for music branding for your startup, music consulting for an event, or need somebody to help you creating a line-up for your event. Curated playlists for your shop, cafe or restaurant. The expertise of a passionate music and business lover is what it comes down to. Book a consult with me and let me be your guide in music for your business.

Music Branding

With many people using streaming services nowadays. This is an perfect way to grow your business and reach your target audience.

Music Marketing

Music marketing is a powerful way to grow your business and reach your target audience. There are many path’s that can be followed . Let me be your guide.


A Podcast is a perfect growth marketing tool for any kind of business. Get your own business podcast up and running and reach your potential customers.

Who is my consultancy for?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Even though I offer limited spaces for clients, to maintain the quality of the marketing expertise I offer. My growth consultancy is available for everybody and all sorts of businesses. Online marketing methods can be applied to every niche to create more traffic and reach the perfect target audience. There are plenty of growth solutions for every sort of business. Just get in touch to discuss the possibilities and find the right growth strategy for your concept

How I can Help

Check out my services and how I can help you and your business with music for growth. Whether you need help with branding your business, a full artist line-up / program for your event. Curated playlists, customized mixed DJ sets. A podcast to reach your target audience or a complete online marketing strategy.


Music Consulting

Want to incorporate music as a part of your business but don’t know where to start? Do you need advice from a music expert for your musical decor? Let’s talk!

Music marketing

Music marketing works in multiple directions. You can use it as a marketing tool. Music can be a part of your business or you need marketing for your music business.


Custom Playlists

With a huge music library out there it can be hard to find the right music for your business. Music curation and custom playlists can create moods, energy levels and ambiance that goes with your product or service.


Customized DJ Mixes

In addition to custom playlists i can help you create customized DJ mixes for that extra ambiance and unique taste in music. Surprise your clients with exclusive mixes and DJ sets for any ocassion.


With over 30 years of experience as a DJ and music curator I’m able to bring my knowledge in a creative expression to your event, wheter thats a local club, a festival or corporate event.

DJ Bookings

My network allows me to help various businesses find the perfect DJ’s and or artists for their events. You can book me as a DJ or I can help you find the perfect fit or help you creating a great line-up for your events.

What is online marketing and how can it help you?

Online marketing is basically reaching your target audience through various methods. Search engine optimization (SEO), advertising (SEA) and social media advertising are a few of the many possibilities to do this. Content marketing with rich and relevant content is a proven way to reach and convert your target audience. Music branding is a part of this that can be useful. I can help you finding the perfect online marketing strategy to grow your business.

About Kono Vidovic

Music professional, Curator, DJ & Online marketeer.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Amsterdam the 39 year old Kono Vidovic has dedicated his life to music, from the young age when he started at the age of 16 until now he traveled through the world of music. Inspired by some of the greatest music artists and people from the music industry i found my own way of connecting people and businesses with music.

Music is my therapy.

DJ & Music curator

Music plays a big role in my life. Since my youth i have been DJ’ing and curating music in all genres and styles. Music, business and internet marketing goes very well together. It’s a great way to build growth for your company. Let me explain how you can grow and build your business with music.

Online marketing

With the power of online marketing i help businesses with their growth and create more revenue by reaching their target audience. I’m an experienced online marketeer in SEO, SEA, e-mail marketing, conversion and search optimization, content marketing and other growth marketing techniques like podcasting.

Music for business

There are many kind of businesses where music plays a important role. Think of restaurants, hotels, bars, cafe’s, clubs, festivals and shops. But this goes beyond your imagination. Events like, summits, networking events also need music. Radiostations, airlines you name it! There is always music involved in every strategy.

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Growth & Branding Methods For Every Business.

When you sign up to my e-mail list i will send you my 5 tips to set you up with music for your business that can help your create more growth, reach your target audience and or help you with creating musical moods for your customers. I will never send spam, just a frequent newsletter filled with tips and updates about my services.

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Do you have a quick question? Let’s connect!

You can use the contact form here below to get in touch with me directly. If you have a quick question, want a consult for your business or if you just want to say hi. Just fill out the form and i will be back at you within 24 hours.


“We needed a clear music perception for our new to open up restaurant. We were looking for the right music to create moods, positive energy and harmony to go along with our concept. We e-mailed our mood board to Kono and he came up with a few brilliant ideas how our musical interpretation should sound like”


Restaurant owner

“Music for our business is just as important as anything else. We are happy we found Kono and his very same mindset on music for growth. His profound knowledge in music and the industry helped us create a interior where music, food & drinks and people come together in peace and harmony. “


Club Manager

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Can you see who likes your Spotify playlist?

Can you see who likes your Spotify playlist?

Spotify is a music streaming service that you can use to listen to your favorite artists and discover new ones. You can create playlists of your favorite tracks or songs, and share them with your friends and family.  Spotify doesn't let you see who actually likes your...

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I run a weekly electronic music podcast called ‘Dirty Disco’. You can become a subscriber of my Mixcloud Select channel to access all exclusive DJ sets and special podcasts that are only for members. 

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With the power of online marketing i help businesses to grow and create more revenue. I’m an experienced online marketeer in SEO, SEA, E-mail marketing, Conversion optimization, Content marketing and more.


Setting up and running a succesful business is all about putting the dot's on the i's. It's in the eye for detail when you want to be unique and better than your competition. Music is a important part of running a business. Wether music is your product or not, it's a powerful way to reach your perfect target audience. If you are about details and making things perfect and willing to run an extra mile, music consultancy is there to bring your business to a next level.


I can be your consultant just as much as i can be your DJ in the weekend. I work with a large variety of different business all with their own unique product. Ongoing consultancy services are a big part of what i do. It just depends on what your are looking for, a first consult can clear a lot out and open doors to an extended collaboration.


No matter what your business is, when it comes to music i can help you out. Music is my biggest passion, i love working with small companies just as much as i love working with big events and businesses. If you want a DJ for in the weekends, curated playlists or a complete well thought out music strategy. Feel free to contact me.

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Do you have a plan? A strategy for growth for your business that involves music? Let’s connect and start a chat to see how we can work together and i can help you with music for your business.

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