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Frequently Asked

Can i hire you per hour for your consultancy services?
Yes! If you need my expertise for small projects or for larger ones. Just e-mial me and we can always work something out that works best for both of us.
Why aren't you a full-time DJ?
It started at a very young age. Music has always been my biggest passion. But becoming a DJ is very hard and there are no guarantees. Online Marketing is the next big love i have. But it came many years later. With Age family and wisdom i made the decision to work on my online marketing business full-time and keep the DJ gigs at a lower level, since that is somehting i can never let go.
Can we book you as an Online Marketing Expert and DJ at the same time?
100%! Combining two passions is like a dream come true. That’s why i also use music to build brands and let companies connect with their target audience through music.
What if a FAQ is not here?
Ask me anything you like through e-mail. U can use the contactform on the left to e-mail me directly. When i’m not on a holiday or on the otherside of the globe for a DJ Gig or consult. I will reply within 24 hours.

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